Job: Sagebrush Sea Program Director - TNC - Idaho


The sagebrush sea is a unique ecosystem, once spanning more than 500,000 square miles across North America. This sagebrush-steppe ecosystem is the landscape of open spaces and large ranches, home to over 350 species including the iconic sage-grouse, the lifeblood of rural communities, and epitomizes the west – our heritage, livelihoods, recreation, and identity.

However, this ecosystem is being threatened at a pace and scale virtually unparalleled in North America.  We have already lost 50% of the sagebrush ecosystem and are currently losing this important ecosystem at a rate of approximately 1 million acres per year due to conversion, over grazing, drought, energy development, fire, and invasive species.  

Given the importance of this ecosystem and over 40+ years of investment by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in protecting this ecosystem through acquisition, easements, and policy initiatives, it is a priority for the Conservancy to marshal our resources toward protecting and restoring this critical landscape. 

In 2017 key states from the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain Divisions came together and collectively identified an ambitious goal for the sagebrush ecosystem:  By 2030, reverse negative trends in sagebrush habitat conditions and loss, and stop declines in Greater-Sage Grouse populations, while sustaining rural economies of affected communities and building a constituency for collaborative conservation.

To lead the work towards achieving this goal, the Conservancy seeks a Program Director for the Sagebrush Sea Program (“the Program”), who is responsible for developing and leading a portfolio of strategies across the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain Divisions, including efforts in policy, mitigation, and restoration.

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Mar 5, 2019


Mar 29, 2019