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As a member of the Prescribed Fire Team within the Wildlife Program, the employee participates in providing statewide fire management implementation services on wildlife areas including fire dependent fish and wildlife habitat restoration and maintenance using prescribed (Rx) fire. Additionally this position is a member of a Prescribed (Rx) Fire Burn Team to help implement projects for fire-dependent dry forest ecosystems with an initial focus in Eastern Washington but may include any region in Washington State. The employee supports/contributes to the mission of WDFW of preserving, protecting and enhancing fish and wildlife and their habitats by restoring fire as a disturbance agent at the appropriate frequency to fire dependent ecosystems/habitats sustaining and perpetuating the plants and animals dependent thereon.

Job Knowledge: Fire ecology; fire effects and by-products and their ecosystem actions; fire weather; fuel types; fuel conditions; fuel assessment; smoke management; NWCG standards; knowledge of tools and techniques used to prepare for and implement Rx burns.