Job: Natural Resource Specialist 2 - Okanogan, WA


This position supports/contributes to Departments mission and goals of preserving, protecting and enhancing fish and wildlife and their habitats by implementing sound fire practices and restoring fire as a disturbance agent at the appropriate frequency to fire dependent ecosystems/habitats sustaining and perpetuating the plants and animals dependent thereon.

Under the supervision of the Rx Fire Program Manager, this position, On Call RXB2, will provide leadership, supervision, and mentoring within the prescribed (Rx) fire program to support the Department's mission and goals within the constraints of policy, applicable legal requirements, and applicable collective bargaining agreements to help implement projects for fire-dependent dry forest ecosystems. The primary focus will be in Eastern Washington but may include any region in Washington State, which includes more than 200,000 acres of forest including numerous fire dependent, e.g., dry forest and fire maintained prairies and steppe.

General duties include coordinating with the Rx Fire Program Manager, Other Fire Managers, Wildlife Area Managers, Wildlife Biologists and Foresters to implement burns for restoration and maintenance of fire dependent fish and wildlife habitat. Conducting burn unit layout, fuels inventory, assisting with writing and technical review of burn plans, with a primary focus of supervising and training other Rx fire members.

Post Date

Jan 9, 2019


Jan 17, 2019