General: Northeast Fish & Wildlife Conference Call for Abstracts


NAFSE will be co-sponsoring a pyrogenic wildlife symposia at the 75th Annual Northeast Fish & Wildlife Conference.

If you know anyone who may be interested in presenting as part of their symposium, please encourage him or her to submit an abstract via the online system and select their symposium as their preferred conference venue.

They are specifically looking for 2 types of talks:

1)     Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) wildlife research in fire-dependent systems of the NE (talks must be SGCN specific since this is the hook for this audience) that are currently receiving Rx fire management.

2)     Fire management talks about the logistics (equipment, techniques, strategies, communications, education, social science) and evolving understanding of how to burn in various fuels in the region for wildlife habitat.

Contact Neil Gifford (NAFSE community rep) at or Inga La Puma (NAFSE Science Communication Director) at for more information or suggestions for presentations.

Post Date

Dec 3, 2018


Type: General