Job: Post-doc research assistant - University of Johannesburg


We are looking for a postdoctoral research assistant for a three-year position to research the biogeography of grass communities in southern Africa and Madagascar savanna ecosystems. Our goal is to enhance theoretical and quantitative understanding of how drought, fire and grazing interact to shape both the limits of grass species and determine community assembly. This knowledge will help inform regional stakeholders about the best approaches for sus tainable rangeland production in a changing climate, via manipulation of fire and grazing regimes.

We will work with partners in Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar and South Africa. We will test a new theoretical framework to predict biogeographic patterns in diversity and life history strategies of ground layer plant communities. Work includes a field component quantifying ground layer diversity and plant architectural, leaf and biomass allocation traits, along with experimental research examining hydraulic strategies in grasses.

Post Date

Jun 19, 2018


Type: Job


  • International