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This position is located on a Wilderness Forest Service unit. The incumbent performs a variety of work in support of the unit wilderness program, including recreation, ecology, data collection, trails, and fire. This is a permanent seasonal 18 & 8 position. Incumbent will be guaranteed a minimum of 18 fulltime pay periods in pay status each year and may be placed in nonpay status due to lack of work or funds for 8 pay periods. Applications for this position are being processed through an on-line applicant assessment system that has been specifically configured for USDA Forest Service applicants. Even if you have already developed a resume in USAJOBS, you will need to access this on-line system to complete the application process.

Location: Cedarville, CA
Deadline: July 13, 2012
Contact Name: Amy Hartell
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone: 530-279-6116
Expiration: July 14, 2012
Region(s): California
Topic(s): Fire Ecology, Fire Prevention, Fuels
Partner Site(s):