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This position serves as a Program Manager (also known as Director) for the Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW) assigned to manage the science program for the Institute of Pacific Island Forestry (IPIF) and coordinate with PSW science program areas. Serves as part of the Station's leadership team in developing strategies for planning and developing major agency programs of national scope and impact and links these to the Station's overall goals, strategies, and plans.

Develops, coordinates, and implements strategic plans to include mission, goals, objectives, and implementation strategies. Formulates and implements plans to improve program policies, practices, methods, and organizational structure. Assigns responsibilities for carrying out objectives, coordinates and directs the work among individuals and several research teams, sets performance targets, and resolves differences where required.

Plans and directs the overall work of the unit performed through team leaders, subordinate supervisors, or similar personnel. Sets and adjusts short-term priorities and schedules and makes decisions on work problems of subordinate supervisors. Ensures that personnel management within the organizational entity under supervision is accomplished without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, or national origin. Is responsible for keeping abreast of developments, policy issuances, and other similar material in the equal opportunity field, and for fully supporting the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Equal Opportunity Program.

Location: Hilo, HI
Deadline: July 13, 2012
Contact Name: Jane Hayes
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone: (510) 559-6313
Expiration: July 14, 2012
Region(s): California
Topic(s): Administration, Outreach, Planning, Regulations and Legislation
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