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Presentations and Sessions topics may include the following broad themes:

Observing Fire-; Fire effects, history, meteorology, and behavior
Simulating Fire-; Modeling the natural world
Learning About Fire-; Education and Communication
Working with Fire-; Fire and fuels management, integrating science and management
Living with Fire-; Cultural, socio-economic, health, and policy issues
After the Fire-; Rehabilitation, restoration, and resiliency
Future Fire-; Tomorrow's trends, opportunities, and challenges

Location: Portland, OR
Deadline: September 1, 2012
Contact Name: Fire Congress general email
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone:
Expiration: September 2, 2012
Region(s): National, Northwest
Topic(s): Communication, Fire Behavior, Fire Ecology, Fire Effects, Fuels, Models, Prescribed Fire, Outreach, Regulations and Legislation, Restoration and Rehabilitation, Weather
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