Alaska Reference Database

The Alaska Reference Database originated as the standalone Alaska Fire Effects Reference Database, a ProCite reference database maintained by former BLM-Alaska Fire Service Fire Ecologist Randi Jandt. It was expanded under a Joint Fire Science Program grant for the FIREHouse project (The Northwest and Alaska Fire Research Clearinghouse). It is now maintained by the Alaska Fire Science Consortium and FRAMES, and is hosted through the FRAMES Resource Catalog. The database provides a listing of fire research publications relevant to Alaska and a venue for sharing unpublished agency reports and works in progress that are not normally found in the published literature.


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This compilation is intended to provide an illustrated overview of the current science of fuelbreaks in Alaska boreal forest, with citations and links to additional reference material for practitioners and the public.  Research on fuelbreaks in the...

Person: Jandt, Little, Drury, Molina, Lane
Year: 2019
Resource Group: Document
Source: FRAMES

Wildland fire is the dominant disturbance agent of the boreal forest of Alaska. Currently, about 80% of the population of Alaska resides in communities potentially at risk from wildland fire. The wildland fire threat to these settlements is increasing...

Person: Little, Jandt, Drury, Molina, Lane
Year: 2018
Resource Group: Document
Source: FRAMES

Presented at 2014 Fall Alaska Fire Science Workshop

Person: Little, Jandt, Drury, Lojewski, Putman
Year: 2014
Resource Group: Media
Source: FRAMES

Fourteen existing published and unpublished fire history (or stand age) tree-ring datasets were compiled into the Alaska Fire History Database. For each of the plots in the database, fire dates, possible fire dates, and tree establishment dates were...

Person: Olson, Tjoelker, Eagle, Barnes, Boggs, Collins, Cronan, DeVelice, De Volder, Drury, Duffy, Herriges, Hollingsworth, Jandt, Rupp, Saperstein
Resource Group: Data
Source: FRAMES