Alaska Reference Database

The Alaska Reference Database originated as the standalone Alaska Fire Effects Reference Database, a ProCite reference database maintained by former BLM-Alaska Fire Service Fire Ecologist Randi Jandt. It was expanded under a Joint Fire Science Program grant for the FIREHouse project (The Northwest and Alaska Fire Research Clearinghouse). It is now maintained by the Alaska Fire Science Consortium and FRAMES, and is hosted through the FRAMES Resource Catalog. The database provides a listing of fire research publications relevant to Alaska and a venue for sharing unpublished agency reports and works in progress that are not normally found in the published literature.


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A paradigm shift from fire suppression to fire suppression and prescription requires a shift in emphasis from simply controlling wildfire occurrence and spread to one that includes controlling characteristics of prescribed fire. Suppression focuses on...

Person: Pruden, Brennan, Paysen, Narog, Cohen
Year: 1998
Resource Group: Document
Source: TTRS

Boreal forests are composed of a few plant species with contrasting traits with respect to ecosystem functioning and spatial patterning. Early successional deciduous species, such as birch (Betula spp.) and aspen (Populus spp.), disperse seeds widely,...

Person: Pastor, Cohen, Moen
Year: 1999
Resource Group: Document
Source: FRAMES

Quantitative information regarding safety zone size for wildland firefighters is limited. We present a 3-surface theoretical model that describes the net radiant energy transfer to a firefighter standing a specified distance from a fire of specified...

Person: Butler, Cohen
Year: 1998
Resource Group: Document