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Wildfires Collaboration Team (WCT)

Products are now available at IARPC's new website! The Wildfires Collaboration Team strives to address research gaps and areas for improvement in knowledge relating to wildfire activity, succession, and effects on local communities in the Arctic, specifically focusing on the tundra environment.

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WCT Contacts

IARPC Executive Secretary
Sara Bowden

Website Contact
Randi Jandt

Webinar: Historic and Future Flammability in Alaskan Boreal Forests and Tundra Ecosystems

Adam Young'''s (University of Idaho) research focused on how climate and vegetation influence fire occurrence at multi-decadal time scales in Alaskan boreal forest and tundra ecosystems. Watch video »

Webinar: Season Review of Northwest Territories Record-breaking 2014 Fire Season

NWT Meteorologist Bev Archibald reviews the weather and vegetation conditions which preceded the record-breaking 2014 fire season which burned 7 million acres. Watch video »

Breen Webinar Screenshot

Webinar: Effects of Tundra Fires on Vegetation

Amy Breen & Teresa Hollingsworth, UAF/USFS summarize the history of tundra fires in Alaska and effects of tundra fires on vegetation. Watch video »