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The purpose of the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (AWFCG)(link is external) - Fire Modeling and Analysis Committee (FMAC) is to provide cohesive direction and collaborative response to address interagency needs for fire modeling and analysis within Alaska. This committee provides comprehensive integration and coordination in support of statewide data needs, analysis and modeling concepts and training/mentoring. It also provides consolidated responses to data and information requests to ensure Alaska-specific needs, anomalies, and conditions are supported in national systems. The FMAC has also been designated by the AWFCG as the Alaska liaison and point of contact for the LANDFIRE(link is external) project.

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FMAC Members

(Updated March 2022)

Tom St. Clair, BIA (Chair)
Fire Management Officer

Jennifer Barnes, NPS 
Regional Fire Ecologist

Mitch Burgard, AFSC
Fire Analyst

Mike Butteri, DOFFP
Strategic Fire Planner

Darren Finley, DOFFP
Statewide Fuels Coordinator

Chris Friar, BIA
Fuels Specialist

Jennifer Hrobak, BLM - AFS
Fire Management & Program Analyst

Andy Kirsch, NPS

Nathan Lojewski, Chugachmiut
Forestry Manager

Eric Miller, BLM - AFS
Fire Ecologist


Nate Perrine, FWS (Vice Chair)
Fuels Technician

Bobette Rowe, USFS  (AWFCG Liaison)
AK Fire Operations

Lisa Saperstein, USFWS
Regional Fire Ecologist

Brian Sorbel, NPS
GIS Specialist

Larry Weddle, NPS
Alaska Western Area Fire Management Officer

Dale Woitas, FWS, 
Assistant Fire Management Officer