Fire Behavior Prediction Mobile App

Beta Testing for iPhone

The Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning and AFSC are excited to announce iPhone beta testing for the Mountain Hub Fire Behavior Prediction mobile app


AFSC asked for a mobile app to provide access across our community to fire behavior assessment using CFFDRS and to help share wildfire observations. We ask our fire community to consider it for communicating what you see on the fireline and in your thought process to help us test the capabilities of the app.

The app provides utility for a variety of roles:

  • As a firefighter, fireline supervisor, lookout, or field observer, use the Mountain Hub "Other Hazard/Wildfire" report to share what you observe with a photo and a short narrative that is shared automatically with a date/time and location.
  • As an analyst or FMO, use the "Fire Behavior Prediction" report to share fuels you see, comment on weather factors, and estimate fire behavior with a date/time and location for your report.
  • As an incident IOFR, SITL, OSC, IC, etc, open Mountain Hub to see what has been reported recently and who reported it.


When you complete one of these reports, they are automatically shared with your fellow beta users.  Your senses and your thoughts will have a bigger impact.

Let us know you are interested in getting the beta test version of Mountain Hub on your iPhone.  We can help you get the "Test Flight" app and Mountain Hub beta version installed and your signup for using it.  



Email to sign up or for questions and feedback