Webinar - The Undesirable Guide to Forest Restoration

    May 11, 2012 10:00 am - 11:00 am

    Time listed is Mountain Time.

    Presenters: Dan Binkley (Professor of Forest Ecology at Colorado State University) and Megan Matonis (PhD student at CSU, and Intern with the Rocky Mountain Research Station). Dan and Megan would welcome comments; feel free to contact them at dan.binkley@colostate.edu and megan.matonis@colostate.edu. Presentation slides (ppt) and audio recording.

    Forest management has a long legacy of successfully (and unsuccessfully) designing forests for well-defined purposes. “Command and Control” approaches work well for tree farms with the singular goal of wood production, but the nature of complex forests is not well suited to this type of forecasting and engineering. “Desired Conditions” is closely related to Command and Control, and probably not very suitable for restoration of complex forests for uncertain futures. Perhaps the most fruitful approach is to identify Undesirable Conditions, and then work collaboratively to move away from the risk of the most egregious futures, and accepting a wide variety of future forests that will develop ecologically on our landscapes.

    The SRFSN will apply for SAF credit for continuing education by submitting the names of participants. Hosted by the Southern Rockies Fire Science Network.


    Contact Name : Megan Kram
    Contact Email: mkram@tnc.org

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