Webinar - The Science of Budgeting Fire Programs - Integrating Fuels and Preparedness at National and Landscape Levels

Sep 22, 2017 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Time listed is MDT.

Fuels treatments and preparedness programs can interact in complimentary ways to add value to both programs, increasing budget effectiveness and efficiency, but science is seldom applied to budget and appropriation at the federal level. This research shows how to distribute our budgets in both fuels and preparedness treatments to get the best value from both!

Our team has developed a software system that can help you prioritize funding for fuel treatments and allocate treatments across the landscape and nation.

Attend if you are a:

  • Line officer
  • Fuels planner
  • Budget/accountability analyst
  • Fuel management officer
  • Appropriations official
  • Policymaker

And interested in fire management and budget systems! Use the link above to register.