Webinar - From Rothermel's Models to 3D Scanners - Getting a Closer Look fuel Properties and their Role in Prescribed Fire Dynamics

May 16, 2018 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Eastern Time

Sponsored by the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange as part of the Spring/Summer Webinar Series

Presented by Mike Gallagher

Traditional tools for predicting fire behavior have relied on generally defined vegetation characteristics to make broad scale predictions of wildfire behavior and fire danger.  While these useful in wildfire suppression operations, they provide limited utility in the context of prescribed burns, which are planned and  intentionally ignited to achieve more nuanced ecological or fuels objectives.  Variability in moisture and structure conditions play a large role in driving outcomes of prescribed burns, but have not gained the much attention in refining predictive tools for guiding prescribed burning.  Tune in and hear how Mike Gallagher at the Silas Little Experimental Forest is using new technologies and repeated fire experiments to develop new knowledge about the diversity of fuel conditions and fire behavior under prescribed burning conditions.

Webinar link: https://forestguild.mitel-nhwc.com/join/kfjpvpm;

for audio, use your phone to dial 1-713-481-0080 and passcode 9143263#.