Webinar - Progress Towards Precision Measurements of Radiant and Convective Flows in Wildland Fires: History and Current State of the Art

May 29, 2018 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Eastern Time

Sponsored by the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange as part of the Spring/Summer Webinar Series

Presented by Dr. Bob Kremens, Rochester Institute of Technology

The energy flow from a wildland fire is the most important measurable physical quantity. If we understand the time history of  the energy flows, we can derive all other fire behavior and fire effects parameters. Dr. Kremens will describe the difficulties in measuring the radiant heat release and explain a newly designed instrument. He will review the limitations of previous methods, as well as results obtained to date on prescribed fires in New Jersey and Florida.

Webinar link: https://forestguild.mitel-nhwc.com/join/xmbjymm;

for audio, use your phone to dial 1-713-481-0080 and passcode 9143263#.

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