Webinar - Fuels Treatments and Ecological Values in Piñon-Juniper Woodlands: Vegetation, Birds, and Modeled Fire Behavior

Mar 1, 2017 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Mountain Time

Hosted by the Southwest Fire Science Consortium

Presenters: Jonathan Coop and Pat Magee

Mastication and hand-thinning treatments are increasingly utilized by land managers as a means of reducing tree cover for fire hazard mitigation and other habitat objectives in piñon-juniper (P-J) woodlands. However, the effects of these treatments on ecological processes including fire, and on a wide range of species, particularly vulnerable P-J obligate birds, are incompletely understood. To address these knowledge gaps we measured vegetation and fuels, and conducted bird point counts at 232 sites in 29 pairs of 1-11-year-old treatments and untreated adjacent controls in P-J woodlands of the Arkansas River valley in central Colorado. This webinar will present results on birds, plant communities, implications for fire behavior, and considerations for managers.

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