Webinar - Fire Weather on Pacific Islands

Sep 29, 2017 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Want to expand your understanding of fire weather and better communicate climate- and weather-driven wildfire risk to others?

Join us to learn about the key aspects of climate and weather that influence fire risk in Hawaii and other tropical Pacific Islands. 40 minutes of presentation will be followed by 20 minutes for participant Q & A and discussion. Webinar participants will learn and discuss:

  • How drought, relative humidity, temperature, and wind influence the potential for wildfire ignitions and fire behavior
  • How weather forecasters and fire managers identify high fire risk conditions
  • How weather forecasters communicate fire risk to fire responders and the general public
  • The types of resources available to assess fire weather conditions on the Pacific Islands

Derek Wroe is a Lead Forecaster and Hurricane Specialist with the National Weather Service Honolulu Office. He is also trained as an Incident Meteorologist for fire weather forecasting and has supported fire response teams in both in Hawaii and the mainland U.S. Less