Adaptation and Mitigation for Working Forestlands: Challenges and Solutions in the Face of Climate Change

Dec 2, 2015 - All Day
Dec 3, 2015 - All Day
Corvallis, OR

The Northwestern US provides a high level of current and potential sequestration of greenhouse gases- and forests may be a solution to mitigating emissions and sequestering carbon. This 1½ day workshop will detail the environmental and economic costs and benefits of management alternatives for forestland managers. In addition, it will address pathways and barriers to their adoption.

The workshop will focus on the following building blocks for reduction of greenhouse gases though:

  • Private forest growth and retention
  • Stewardship of federal forests

Target audience includes: USDA agency personnel, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Cooperative Extension, and private forest landowners and managers.

This event will count for 11 CEU's from the Society of American Foresters.