FRAMES provides a method of exchanging information and transferring technology among wildland fire researchers, managers, and other stakeholders in an online environment. The FRAMES portal provides essential searchable information, a platform for data sharing and storage, development of new tools, and support to federal wildland fire management agencies in the United States throughout the various stages of wildland fire, including planning, operation, and post-fire monitoring.

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FRAMES Resource Catalog

The goal of the FRAMES Resource Catalog is to be a comprehensive source of information about wildland fire-related resources, targeted to wildland fire and other natural resource professionals. More than 31,000 records have been added to the FRAMES Resource Catalog, as well as nearly 34,000 publications from the Tall Timbers E.V. Komarek Fire Ecology Database. (Please note, however, that these record counts are not additive, as we are gradually working through the identification and consolidation of duplicate records.)

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FRAMES Partner Sites

FRAMES offers website hosting and services for wildland fire researchers and managers. These Partner Sites are developed and maintained by partners using FRAMES tools. Some Partner Sites are available to the public, while others are Intranet sites where information and tools are shared within a select group.

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FRAMES Events and Announcements

FRAMES compiles and posts Announcements and Jobs relevant to the fire research and management community, as well as fire-related events, viewable either through the Events Calendar or an Events List.

MyFRAMES Collaboration Space

The MyFRAMES Collaboration Space provides FRAMES partner groups with a private space for announcements, file sharing, file storage, and calendars. The Collaboration Space also hosts discussion forums for authenticated and anonymous users.

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The FRAMES Topics pages contain information relevant to topics of interest within the wildland fire community. Currently, FRAMES identifies 28 subject areas reflecting categories proposed by wildland fire researchers and as part of a draft of the National Wildland Fire Enterprise Architecture developed by the National Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (NWCG).

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FRAMES Regions

The FRAMES Regions pages contain wildland fire content aggregated at a geographic level relevant to wildland fire management. The FRAMES regions correspond to the boundaries of the eleven Geographic Area Coordinating Centers (GACC) designated by the National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC).

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Request FRAMES Annual Reports

If you would like to access previous FRAMES annual reports, please contact Lynn Wells to request a copy.


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We here at FRAMES are saddened by the passing in March of John Black, our interface and graphic design guy of many years, but most importantly a good friend and colleague.
We miss you, John. Happy trails.

FRAMES is funded by the Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Science Program at the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station.

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